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Wednesday, 22 Aug 2018

About Hannah Holdings

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  • 2011-2013

    - Launch of new product ITOH with KEVIN老師 as its celebrity endorsement.
    - New packaging designs of Bawang Shampoo with Jackie Chan continuing to endorse its range.
    - New herbal tea drink from BAWANG with Donnie Yen as its celebrity endorsement.
    -Launch New design range for Royal Wind Shampoo.
  • 2010

    Won Most Wanted TCM shampoo award in Watsons for 2nd year running.

    Launched Royal Wind Shampoo series with Faye Wong as brand icon. 
  • 2009

    Won Best TCM shampoo award for Ba Wang in Watsons
  • 2008

    Launched the world NO.1 TCM Based FMCG – The Jackie Chan endorsed Shampoo range. Distribution networks further expanded to about total 1000 points in Singapore. 
  • 2007

    Added new brands including Kinohimitsu , Expertise, Activa, Brazil Slim, Condolisa, X30. Also the TrimSlim X Factor 'Sleep A-Weigh' liquid collagen. Many new retail presence were also built in departmental stores including Robinsons, John little and OG in Singapore.
  • 2006

    Launched Hollywood Diet sliming products. TrimSlim won Best Selling Overall Sliming tablets at Guardian Health and Beauty Awards for the 2nd year running. Mygenlife Ultimate Detox won Best Selling Detox products at Guardian Health and Beauty Awards.
  • 2005

    Launched proprietary brand products Mygenlife Ultimate Detox & Mygenlife Untimate Immuno. TrimSlim won Best Selling Sliming “Tummy” tablets at Guardian Health and Beauty Awards. Turnover and profit of company doubled from 2004.
  • 2004

    Launched proprietary brand products TrimSlim.